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Segway Verona offers tours that make sure you will enjoy a fun and immerse experience of our beloved city. We combine Segway, our innovative way of transportation, with tours in the historical city centre. Through our explorations of 1 or 2 hours, we will bring you to the most breathtaking spots, so that, if you do not stay long in Verona, we make sure that you see all of the unmissable sights!

Segway is really easy to use! It is so intuitive that it feels like an extension of the human body. To understand why, consider this: if you stand up and lean forward, so that you are out of balance, you will intuitively put your leg forward. Segway works the same way: to move forward or backward, the rider just leans slightly in such direction, and Segway will follow your movements. It is also easy to turn right or left, since the rider just has to push respectively Segway’s handlebar.

Segway is safe. Anyone over the age of 12 can join our tours, except for pregnant women. Apart from these cathegories, we encorage people of every age to try Segway, because this self-balancing object can really make your experience in Verona much more delightful! In fact, if it is hot, you will enjoy some fresh air and avoid to sweat; if it is cold, you will have the possibility of staying outside the least possible time. It is proved that our 2 hours tours show you what you will see in 6 hours walking!

All the tours start with a little training on how to use Segway, because for us safety is the priority. However, we experienced that it takes just a little practice to master on Segway! There are no required skills and, in particular, no need to be able to bicycle. There will always be a tour leader with you, guiding the whole group, so that you can enjoy the view and the tour of Verona. Audioguides (available in different languages) will provide the information you need to fully comprehend the history and architecture of our main monuments, squares and buildings.

In particular, our 2 hours tour will show you: Piazza Bra, one of the biggest squares in Italy, with the Arena, the famous Roman amphitheatre; we will then take Via Oberdan in order to see Portoni Borsari, one of the ancient entrance of the Roman city; we will firstly explore Piazza Erbe and secondly Piazza Dei Signori, two squares full of symbols and buildings with enchanting beauty, and then see Arche Scaligere. Heading to the Duomo, Verona’s Cathedral, we will pass by Santa Anastasia, next to the Conservatory of music; after that, we will have a break on Ponte Pietra, the bridge with the breathtaking view of the Roman Theatre and San Pietro Castle (and much more). On our way back, we will stop at Juliet’s house, so that you don’t forget to take pictures and write your names on the walls! We will conclude our tour with Castelvecchio, the Scaligeri castle and enjoy its amazing view of Verona.

People who went on tours with us really appreciate our flexibility: we do not have fixed tour’s hours, so we can arrange the time that fits the best. Moreover, we try to adjust the path according to your preferences, spending less time on spots you have already seen and dedicate more on your favourite sights. Read what people say about us on tripadvisor...

So, if you want to make the most out of your time in Verona, contact us or stop by our office!

OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Saturday (only closed on Sunday) from 10 am to 5 pm.

DIRECTIONS: We are located in Piazza Cittadella 11b, very close to Piazza Bra, the main square with the Arena.

From Piazza Bra you can arrive at our office on foot (3 minutes): pass under the arch of the gateway with the big clock (Portoni della Bra) and walk through Corso Porta Nuova for approximately 100


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What can i do to get my ex back fast

I don t care if men find me attractive, or if my body is hourglass or having the right waist to hip to waist ration. I really tried sound upbeat when I talked to him. And the man remains passive.  
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It s also about confidence, relationships (with women, family, friends and co-workers) and being a man in the modern world. I subscribe to the principles of the First Amendment which holds that free adult americans have the right to decide for themselves what they will read and view without governmental interference. We can always bust out Joey s old line from Friends,?  
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Child bearing hips attractive women

How you broke up People who consider their break up mutual or amiable are more likely to keep in touch than where a break up was nasty. Did she ever think of France when she wrote her book? Shayne Sweeney joined in November 2010 as an engineer and Jessica Zollman was hired as a Community Evangelist in August 2011.  
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Focus on yourself and enjoy the moments. It also implies that you don? Call him up and invite him over.  
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Sorry to hear all this is going on: at least he s being honest and up front, sorta. The final thing to realize before watching this is that when the word science is used, that doesn t necessarily mean different results can t pop up in different studies. Or write, Congratulations, I heard from a mutual friend that you are going to tie the knot.  
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He is still very angry and I messed up again by asking him why he unfriended me, why he didn t block me and talking to him about his relationship about getting with someone that has a child. They are basically trying to tell you that they desire to come back into your life in a far more constructive manner by way of making these individual as well as changes in lifestyle. Most of our seriously tall female friends find themselves falling into the Column body type.  
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You can read detailed reviews of these guides. The same goes for the African side. It definitely gave off the impression that we were intimate.  
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It was hard work, and I wasn t making any money. The increased availability of birth-control devices such as the diaphragm made it possible for women to have fewer children. Feminity is still important.  
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How to get my ex boyfriend back when he's ignoring me now

Sometimes you think to make plans to apologize for your mistakes, but often they don? I was so hurt when he told me that he loves me so much that I will always remain in his heart. As repeatedly expounded, you can make the man that you love obsess over you that he will even willingly spend the rest of his earthly life with you.  
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Let s walk through the two steps in greater detail. I don t think that his wife has spoken to him yet, but I know she will and I can t ask her not to. And told him when I was free when he asked, he never even called.  
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Is there something I can say to her. The thing is, you can? How long should you push your luck?  
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Your sub conscious may be telling you that there are specific characteristics that you are missing in your life. I ve spent the last 25 years growing it back. Thigh gap is caused mostly by bone structure.  
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How to win back your ex girlfriend letter

Only briefly at first. Instead, he looked at how researchers rated the appearance of the adolescents and later the adults taking the survey. Also understand, that no activity, hobbies, or new friends that you make is going to give you the same feelings of happiness that he gave you (since you are still pretty into him and have a certain expectation of what happiness looks like).  
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How to get my ex girlfriend back when she has moved on

I came to realize that parents fall roughly into three categories. When he once went to Scotland as a result of another Wrong Turn At Albuquerque. Manipulation can be hard for the children to see so just be patient time will heal this.  
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It has not been easy but we recently went on our (second) first date I guess you can call it? Recent tweets fetched at. His feet and knees point away from you, usually towards an exit.  
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Instead of driving him away for good, you can take satisfaction in seeing your ex begging you to take him back. Why do you want to throw away a good thing you have to that stupid ex? It was also borne Saint Casimir, a 15th-century Polish prince and a patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.  
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The intensity of the light hitting your iris will either amplify or soften your iris? In fact, it would be beneficial for you to explore other options and boost your self confidence. What happens when the edgy bad boy needs prescription glasses?  
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How to get your ex wife back when she has moved on

You want to get your ex girlfriend back after a bad break up. Believe me, this is completely unfounded. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable.  
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That s not to say that you won t be approached for looking cool at the bar. The success rate is amazing I must say. You can make your ex want you back even if she has currently moved on or is thinking about moving on.  
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I truly love the company of women, and have had quite a few wonderful relationships which have usually come pretty easily to me. I failed to understand all this. The main character, Margot, of La Reine Margot is paler than anyone else in the film with very dark hair.  
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Attention psychology essay rubric

Set Notation: Definition , is used to show the empty set. Practice Essay (Up to 200 words) (Optional Question: Applications with completed essays are given priority). As we look over the bright side of the achievements of science, we come to realize that there is hardly any sphere of life that has not been enhanced by the creative abilities of man.  
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All the settlers and immigrants had hard times, but out of the bad came lots of good, and that good made America stronger. All living cells have cytoplasm. Many famous poems were written about the two world wars, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars.  
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There are people that we think can support us in any problems or situations that we encounter. Your lead is like your thesis statement. Structural seam shifts emphasis away from details of paper ap world history essay examples are made highest.  
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Use semantic class names for standard prose components that may need specific styling, such as sentence, phrase, clause, salutation, lead-in, suffix, prefix, anagram, homonym, contraction, gerund, idiom, interjection, onomatopoeia, timespan, etc. Instead, Pilbeam himself thinks it represents a third lineage that has no living descendants. Words are pointless if you cannot have other words used with them to create a good or hurtful statement.  
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The Internet has become one of the most universal methods for communication with over 100 million users worldwide. To gain an understanding of the world we need to make use of stereotypes. Hope I helped - queen slacker.  
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Order in the Classroom. My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features. Lumaki siya sa Tondo, Maynila.  
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Sixteen year-old Sam Meeker, who comes from a family of Loyalists, enlists in the Rebel army. Other families are unwilling to break a promise to Mom or Dad never to put them in a nursing home. Faulkner Protege Joan Williams Will Be Missed.  
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Yeats to Katharine Tynan, edited by Roger McHugh, Macmillan, 1953. Speech Good morning class, The novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy amply demonstrates the idea of growing up is fraught with obstacles. Traditionally education is regarded as the most important legacy that parents bequest to their children.  
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This was the invention of a spear. As the name suggests, fast food can be prepared fast and can conveniently be. After Roland and Corinne leave the parking lot relatively unscathed, they shortly encounter a traffic jam, if that term can even describe the spectacle that we get in a 7 minute long tracking shot.  
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